Powerlips Polish - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Unstoppable color. High-impact shine. For every shade of you. Powerlips Polish Duo Lip Shine gives your lips a dose... 完整資訊

Powerlips Polish

定價 $22

NaPCA Moisture Mist - NuBodyRx
Dewy-fresh skin is just a spray away. Packed with natural moisture-binding ingredients like NaPCA, hyaluronic acid, and urea, this formula keeps your... 完整資訊

Moisture Mist

定價 $14

ageLOC® Vitality - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS ageLOC Vitality helps you feel more like you did when you were young by targeting the sources of age-related... 完整資訊

ageLOC® Vitality

定價 $71.50

Body Bar - NuBodyRx
A gentle yet effective cleanser in the traditional form of a bar, but with additional skin softening benefits. pH balanced Body Bar... 完整資訊

Body Bar

定價 $14.50

Liquid Body Bar - NuBodyRx
Liquid Body Bar - NuBodyRx
The aromatic grapefruit scent captures your senses while the rich and creamy soap free formula effectively removes dirt, oil, and impurities. Featuring... 完整資訊

Liquid Body Bar

定價 $24.50

Body Care Essentials - NuBodyRx
Body Care Essentials - NuBodyRx
Content:1 Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer1 Liquid Body Lufra1 Liquid Body Bar 完整資訊

Body Care Essentials

定價 $45

Curl & Lash Mascara - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Enhance the voluminous look of your eyelashes and help create a beautiful shape with Curl & Lash Mascara. A... 完整資訊

Curl & Lash Mascara

定價 $21

PowerLips Fluids - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS This ultra-long-lasting lip color contains a special blend of good-for-you, skin-nourishing ingredients to help soothe, smooth, and prevent dry-out... 完整資訊

PowerLips Fluids

定價 $20

Nutricentials Moisture Restore Intense  Moisturiser - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Help your skin adapt to its unique environment and bounce back from stressors with Nutricentials Moisture Restore Intense Moisturiser.... 完整資訊

Nutricentials Moisture Restore Intense Moisturiser

定價 $30.75

Nutricentials Exfoliant Scrub with Botanicals - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Nutricentials Exfoliant Scrub uses natural diatoms to remove dead skin cells and pore-blocking impurities for a smoother, brighter complexion.... 完整資訊

Nutricentials Exfoliant Scrub with Botanicals

定價 $16.40

Nutricentials Bright Eyes Eluminating
WHAT IT IS   Eye Love Bright Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream is a lightweight, creamy formula made with Roundhead Bush Clover to... 完整資訊

Nutricentials Bright Eyes Eluminating

定價 $31

Nutricentials Creamy Hydrating Masque SIZE  3.4 OZ. - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Nutricentials Creamy Hydrating Masque is made of bioadaptive botanical extracts and infused with cactus and pinecone extracts to help... 完整資訊

Nutricentials Creamy Hydrating Masque SIZE 3.4 OZ.

定價 $20


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