ageLOC® Transformation - NuBodyRx
ageLOC® Transformation - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Featuring a powerful lineup of four products, ageLOC Transformation is our most advanced anti-aging system ever, delivering unsurpassed anti-aging... Todos los detalles

ageLOC® Transformation

Precio habitual $375

180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy
Turn your complexion around. Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging system enhances your skin’s natural cell turnover rate and diminishes the appearance of fine... Todos los detalles

180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy

Precio habitual $239

Tru Face Essence Ultra Uplifting Cream - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Goodbye gravity, hello firmer, younger looking skin. ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra is a firming powerhouse featuring exclusive, scientifically... Todos los detalles

Tru Face Essence Ultra

Precio habitual $153

True Face Instant Line Corrector - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Tru Face Line Corrector helps soften the appearance of moderate to deep lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead.... Todos los detalles

Instant Line Corrector

Precio habitual $45.50

LumiSpa® IdealEyes® - Hydrates Eyes - NuBodyRx
Goodbye bags, hello bright eyes. ageLOC® LumiSpa® IdealEyes® Activating Eye Cream is specially designed to work with ageLOC® LumiSpa® Accent to deliver... Todos los detalles

LumiSpa® IdealEyes® - Hydrates Eyes

Precio habitual $36

ageLOC® Lumi Accent Normal - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS MEET LUMISPA ACCENT The perfect accent to brighten every day. Late nights and early mornings. Stress, age, a busy... Todos los detalles

ageLOC® Lumi Accent Normal

Precio habitual $327

Power Mask - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Give your skin a powerful hydration boost with ageLOC PowerMask. This intense facial treatment harnesses the power of ageLOC... Todos los detalles


Precio habitual $44.50

Galvanic Facial  Spa  w/Gel w/microcurrent technology - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS  A medical skin care solution. Featuring two interchangeable conductors, a large LED display, easy-to-use design, and ergonomic feel, Nu... Todos los detalles

Galvanic Facial Spa w/Gel w/microcurrent technology

Precio habitual $306.48

ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel - NuBodyRx
Formulated to work exclusively with proprietary ageLOC Galvanic Spa® and ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa® instruments to bring anti-aging benefits to the body  that smooths... Todos los detalles

ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel

Precio habitual $64

ageLOC® Dermatic Effects - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS ageLOC Dermatic Effects is a scientifically designed contouring moisturizer that can help visibly smooth the appearance of fat and... Todos los detalles

ageLOC® Dermatic Effects

Precio habitual $62

ageLOC® Me Starter Set -custimization of skin care - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS First-of-its-kind, proprietary technology, the ageLOC Me device delivers your customized products in precise doses twice a day, every day—making... Todos los detalles

ageLOC® Me Starter Set

Precio habitual $425


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