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Lumispa IO and The Nu Skin Vera App

Lumispa IO and The Nu Skin Vera App



Woman checking the Nu Skin Vera app on her phone

So apps can help you do a lot.Inlcuding a beauty app to make you look your absolute best darlings!

Nu Skin’s digital innovation, Vera®, is part skincare consultation app, part beauty device management.

 Welocome Lumispa IO!

It’s not a facial roller or brush that causes abrasive skin rashes. Lumispa does more than cleanse your pores or clean out the old makeup from the night before....ugg!. It’s an exfoliator, fine line corrector, clarifier and smoother… sort of a workout for your face ladies!

There are five key features you can check out here. So the new LumiSpa iO, Vera app connects to the LumiSpa iO device. Yep and it tells you old sorts of great things about your skin, how to improve it and as most apps do a whole lot more than that.

 CONNECT TO LUMISPA IO ...why because it works?

So  can’t you get a great skin experience using just your LumiSpa iO? Well yes you can 

But check out these comments and stats

The overwhelmingly positive results of a Nu Skin Vera app survey

100% of the Lumispa IO users felt that Vera® helped them get the MOST out of their LumiSpa iO treatment.



Let me break down why I'm loving my LumiSpa iO, starting with the Selfie Timeline. It's  a timeline of my progress as I continue to use it over the days and weeks to come.

You can track how my skin improves over time, comparing yesterday's or last weeks glow to today's, and even anticipating tomorrow's. Plus, it's a subtle flex when I share those pics on social media, just as thought ladies!

Its my daily reminder  or calendar if you will to stick to my skincare routine, using the LumiSpa iO twice a day. Consistency is key, right?

Then there's Vera, my personal motivator thanks to the iO Score feature. I'll admit, I was wary of being "graded" every day, but it's surprisingly fun and keeps me on track. Getting a daily "Good job" or "Awesome!" feels like a pat on the back, and even the occasional "Oops!" helps keep me accountable when I slack off. Overall, it's enhancing my LumiSpa iO experience, and I'm proud to be part of the satisfied 100%.


I have to gush about something I'm absolutely obsessed with. Finding the right foundation has always been a struggle for me—I'm in that tricky spot between winter snow and porcelain. But then I stumbled upon Vera's Shade Finder, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. My perfect match turned out to be Nu Color® Bioadaptive BB+ Skin Loving Foundation in Ivory. It's like it was made for me. Not only does it blend flawlessly, but it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, and it genuinely enhances my natural skin. Bonus points for the responsibly sourced packaging.

Overall, I can't recommend Nu Skin Vera® enough. Connecting your devices and exploring all the features is a game-changer. You might just uncover your best self. Trust me, it's a solid 10/10 recommendation.

Ready to try Vera? Check out the app store on your phone and download it today.

A screenshot from the Nu Skin Vera appA screenshot from the Nu Skin Vera app of someone holding the LumiSpa iOA screenshot from the Nu Skin Vera app



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