This complete color line enhances and illuminates your natural beauty - bringing the best of Nu Beauty to color.

Powerlips Polish - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Unstoppable color. High-impact shine. For every shade of you. Powerlips Polish Duo Lip Shine gives your lips a dose... Todos los detalles

Powerlips Polish

Precio habitual $22

PowerLips Fluids - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS This ultra-long-lasting lip color contains a special blend of good-for-you, skin-nourishing ingredients to help soothe, smooth, and prevent dry-out... Todos los detalles

PowerLips Fluids

Precio habitual $20

Plumping Balm - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Get plumped looking lips with this lightweight, moisturising balm. It glides on smoothly with a refreshing sensation. Your lips... Todos los detalles

Plumping Balm

Precio habitual $21

Waterproof Makeup Remover - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Shake off your day the gentle way. Refresh your skin after a long day by removing waterproof and long-lasting... Todos los detalles

Makeup Remover

Precio habitual $24.50

Nutriol® Eyelash Treatment -Lenghtens Lashes - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Featuring Tricalgoxyl, a seaweed derivative rich in polysaccharides, this clear gel strengthens and lengthens delicate lashes from roots to... Todos los detalles

Nutriol® Eyelash Treatment -Lenghtens Lashes

Precio habitual $28.50

Curl & Lash Mascara - NuBodyRx
WHAT IT IS Enhance the voluminous look of your eyelashes and help create a beautiful shape with Curl & Lash Mascara. A... Todos los detalles

Curl & Lash Mascara

Precio habitual $21

NaPCA Moisture Mist - NuBodyRx
Dewy-fresh skin is just a spray away. Packed with natural moisture-binding ingredients like NaPCA, hyaluronic acid, and urea, this formula keeps your... Todos los detalles

Moisture Mist

Precio habitual $14


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