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Marine Omega 120 SOFTGELS - supports cardiovascular health

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Marine Omega is a dietary supplement which helps supports cardiovascular health and brain function, improves joint function and mobility as well as promotes wellness and longevity.


• Fish oil is derived from the flesh of sardine, salmon, mackerel and anchovy which are obtained from deep water. It provides marine lipid concentrate and omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA.
• Krill oil is extracted from Krill in oceans of Antarctica. It provides a high concentration of EPA and DHA in phospholipids form especially for use of the brain and cell membranes.
• Also contains flavonoids and potent antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin Vitamin E and astaxanthin, to provide antioxidant protection for the body.
• Includes natural lemon oil to minimize fishy flavor.
• Free of toxins, pollutants and heavy metals.
Taking together with LifePak® to increase the anti-oxidation level and enhances the absorption of LifePak®

Recommended Adult Use

Recommend for those who do not consume 5-6 servings of fish each week. Take 1 – 2 softgel(s) with 8 oz of water during your morning and evening meals.



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